Gorgeous, How would it feel to:


  • End the cycle of frustration, unhappiness, blame and shame by radically upgrading your psychology, standards and strategies and propelling yourself into a beautiful breakthrough - rather than a broken-hearted break-up!

  • Shift from feeling totally overwhelmed in the never-ending cycles of fighting and resentment to a true sense of peace knowing how to resolve the conflicts in your relationship and turning it into the loving, safe space you want it to be. 

  • Completely up-level your relationship, communication, connection and intimacy in a few short weeks rather than years, without lengthy awkward couples therapy sessions, endless self-help books, couples retreats, or seminars  (that often risk doing more harm than good). 

  • Eliminate the Blame Game that perpetuates the struggle in your relationship and flip the switch so that you can THRIVE in your relationship....with or without their husband's buy-in and without having to do 100% of the work all by yourself!

  • Move your relationship from the never-ending routine of poor communication, disconnection and loneliness - to being teammates and soulmates with your partner again, even if you've already tried EVERYTHING.

  • Reignite the closeness and meaningful, connected physical intimacy and pleasure - feeling confident, sexy and satisfied - even if you have not been intimate for months.

  • Release yourself and your partner from the grips of nagging resentment, frustration and pain so that you can reconcile your differences and build your relationship back stronger, healthier and happier than you ever thought possible.  

  • Be truly grateful instead of hateful and shift from a burned out wife and mom to a vibrant woman who has connected to her personal power, truth, purpose and life’s passion!

  • Rebuild broken trust and forgive past hurts, being able to communicate effectively and knowing that your partner hears, understands, and cares about your feelings. 

Ladies looking to:

  • Eliminate self-doubt, self-criticism and deep rooted insecurities

  • Reignite your own personal power and move forward

  • Improve your mental strength, confidence, & self-belief​

  • Take control of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

  • Create a new vision for the future


So that you can perform better in every aspect of life, deal with difficulties, improve your relationships, and be truly excited about the future that awaits you, should start HERE!

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Together we will discuss how to overcome the common communication problems we face in our relationships. Become uncommon by learning skills that help you to take charge when speaking with loved ones and how to encourage respectful communication and mutual respect.

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Teaching you how to heal your heart and take control of your life

by reprogramming your thoughts, feelings & behaviors

so that you can get back to living the life and future you truly want

Starting NOW!

Hypnotherapy, Holistic Life Coaching & Healing

Based on Science, Mindset & Manifestation

Evidenced in your real life!

When You Work With Me You...

MOVE PAST grief and mental blocks that have been holding you back

SOLVE past problems so they don't become future problems



Self-Confidence, Courage and

Inner Wisdom



Self-Sabotage and Limiting Beliefs



your goals

in record time

Success Stories

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Cyndee is an incredible human being. Not only did she give me the tools but she also guided me through using them and applying them to my everyday life. Every call I felt empowered, safe in my thoughts and loved.

She is very intuitive, a really good listener, and she is warm and friendly. Cyndee's coaching and therapy experience allows her to ask the right questions to shed light on the issue. Then you can quickly move to a more empowered and clear state.

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I really appreciate Cyndee taking the time to listen to my concerns, and create great transformation for me. It has helped me to love myself deeply and set clear boundaries in my relationships.

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  • M.Ed - Clinical Mental Health Counselor

  • Certified Hypnotherapist                       Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapist

  • Certified HypnoCoach

  • Certified Sports Performance Mind Coach

  • Certified Advanced BLAST Trauma Specialist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • YTT-200 Yoga Teacher

  • Reiki Master

  • Certified Herbalist

  • Certified Keto-Coach

  • Grief Recovery Specialist

  • Life & Happiness Strategist

Meet Cyndee

Hi there! I'm Cyndee and I'm so glad you're here!

I’ve spent the last 25 years learning, growing, and helping people of all ages create change in their physical, mental and emotional health. Throughout this time I have collected a plethora of both clinical and holistic, Evidence-Based certifications and licenses that aid me in joining with, supporting, guiding my clients, and getting to the root causes of the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that are preventing them from living their dream lives. Together we work to overcome toxic behaviors, negative thoughts, and past troubles. 

I pride myself on being a compassionate, caring, and effective guide and partner for those who truly seek to thrive in the face of grief, pain, past challenges and current life obstacles.

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